Meeting and Leaving Time
Unless otherwise stated, the Velo Club Long Eaton Club Run meets at 09.15 and leaves promptly at 09.30 from the area of the Plank and Leggit pub/Sawley Marina in Warren Lane.  Information about dates and destinations for all Club Runs is available from the VCLE website. To be included on our information circulation list please contact the Club Run organiser

Distance and Pace
VCLE offer two club runs, these rides are on alternate weeks so members who wish to ride every week can do so.

We offer a moderate paced ride with the intention of going between 45 and 60 miles with some climbing.  Approx. half way there will be a café stop for refreshments.  The average pace of these rides will be between 17 and 19mph.  This is a group ride where riders are expected to be able to maintain the average pace. 

We also offer a social ride normally between 35 and 45 miles which includes a mid-morning cafe stop for refreshments.  The intention is to return to the Plank and Leggit Pub around mid-day.  The average speed of the social ride is 14.5 to 16mph and is dictated by the slowest rider on the day.  This is a no drop social ride.

Whilst it’s not always possible, the Club Run routes do try to use the quieter roads and lanes of the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire area

Staying Together
Unless a rider has requested they be left, we do try to ensure no-one is left behind as our aim is to ensure everyone completes the VCLE Club Run in company.  Riders at the rear of the group should be aware of others falling behind and raise the alert.  Also, to avoid confusion, riders should not leave the group without notifying others.
There are times (e.g. hills, junctions) where the group may split, in such instances those at the front should slow down and/or find a safe place to stop and wait for the group to reform.  Where required, the Club Run organiser will return at a steady pace with riders experiencing mechanical or other difficulties.

Tips for an enjoyable ride
Riders at the front are the eyes and ears of the Club Run and should endeavour at all times to ensure it is safe for the group to progress.

Look after your neighbour, let the group know if someone is dropped, shout 'ease up’.

Ensure your bicycle is in good condition.
Clean and check your bicycle regularly paying particular attention to ensuring brakes and tyres are in good working condition.

A mountain or hybrid bike will get you round the Club Run though your ride will be made considerably easier (and faster) by fitting appropriate ‘road’ tyres.

Whilst mudguards are not a necessity during the summer months, they are a considerable benefit between October and March and greatly appreciated by the riders behind you.

Carry a repair kit with: spare inner tube (or two) - tube repair kit - tyre levers - pump - allen key multi-tool - phone - cash for the cafe.

Carry a drink (even in winter) and perhaps a banana/energy bar, it has been known for a cafe to be closed!  (Google ‘the bonk’)

The weather can change significantly over the duration of a Club Run, dress appropriately for the conditions and carry a waterproof.

When riding in a group DO NOT allow your front wheel to overlap the rear wheel of the rider/s in front, should they move sideways and catch your front wheel YOU WILL CRASH!!

Wearing an approved cycle helmet is a good idea too.

A safe and enjoyable ride is our primary consideration and therefore planned Club Runs may be cancelled during icy or otherwise adverse conditions.

Want to ride fast/race?  The Club Run is not the place for that!  The Club Run is not a ‘free for all’ race or ‘chaingang’.  Riders are asked to respect that. There are plenty of official events and local training rides available that cater for faster rides.

Safety & Disclaimer
Velo Club Long Eaton cannot accept any responsibility for the actions of individuals. 
The VCLE Club Runs are undertaken on public roads and highways. Riders should be confident and experienced with riding on public highways.
Riders are solely responsible for their actions and for due care and attention with regard to their own health and safety and for that of others.  Whilst First Aid may be available on Club Runs, VCLE does not provide official first aid cover or medical support.
Club Runs are social rides that attract riders of varying ability and experience who may, or may not, be members of VCLE or any cycling club. Notwithstanding, VCLE requires all riders joining Club Runs to:
Endeavor to ‘leave as a group and return as a group’ - no one is ‘knowingly’ left behind;
Ride at a pace ‘the group’ can maintain.   If it's quiet, you are: riding uphill, riding too hard or riding on your own (it might be all three)!
Behave and ride in a manner that represents VCLE and cycling a good light.
Respect and look after your fellow riders, at all times acting in a safe and considerate manner;
Be responsible and behave responsibly at all times;
Have due regard for, and adhere to the rules of the road, countryside and Highway Code;
Show consideration and patience for other road users;
Have a safe and enjoyable cycle ride!

Get yer legs on!
Brian Peto
Spring 2016
Edit Stephen Fox
Winter 2017